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Carrot takes you to the moon!

Support their Mission.



Carrot lets you earn bitcoin rewards for supporting the brands you love.

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Here are the latest ways you can support your favorite projects and earn Bitcoin.



Earn Interest with Linus
Earn Interest with Linus
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How it Works

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Support Projects

Want to support your favorite brands, projects and content creators? By using Carrot, brands can pay out rewards directly to their audience at scale for supporting their mission.

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Complete Rewards

Complete surveys, social media campaigns, or get creative and design your own initiatives for your community to participate in and support.

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Earn Sats

Get paid rewards in Bitcoin via the Lightning Network. Bitcoin is the currency of the internet and perfect for small payouts.

Latest Projects

Are you a creator looking to reward your supporters? Join the Waitlist

Bitcoin Black Friday

Bitcoin Black Friday

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Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Magazine

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Earn Bitcoin Rewards for Supporting the Brands You Love

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