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Posting a bounty in 3 steps


Submit Bounty

Submit a bounty idea and tell us about your goals, estimated budget, and criteria for success for this iniative.


Review & Refine

We’ll work with you to refine your bounty to best practices, gather additional assets, and give you the tools to moderate and approve submissions.


Pay and Post

Once ready, we’ll send you an invoice and manage the entire posting process for you. Remember, you only pay for submissions you approve!

Carrot uses bitcoin to create new opportunities for creators and their audience.

How do you verify that a reward is completed?

While Carrot is in beta, you can manually reviewing each submission to verify that it was completed correctly. Some rewards will use a combination of human moderation and automated verfication.

Do I need a bitcoin wallet?

You can fund a bounty via bitcoin or credit card payments. All users who complete the bounty will need a Bitcoin wallet to withdraw their rewards from Carrot.

Why do you pay out via Lightning?

The Bitcoin Lightning network allows for fast & secure payments for fees that are a fraction of traditional payment methods such as PayPal or credit card processing. Learn more about the Lightning Network.

Am I responsible for taxes on the rewards?

All users are responsible for reporting their own tax obligations. For US taxpayers, Carrot will provide a Form 1099-MISC for users earning above the $600 annual IRS reporting limit.

Simple and Transparent Pricing

  • Unlimited rewards per month
  • Access to moderation and payouts dashboard
  • Automated and managed Lighting payouts
  • Best practices guide for rewards
  • Promotion in weekly rewards newsletters


per successful reward completed

Social Engagement

Social Engagement

  • 🥕 Sponsored Tweets
  • 🥕 Tweet a Hashtag
  • 🥕 Social Contests
  • 🥕 Mailing List Signups
  • 🥕 Follow and Subscribe
Open-Source Development

Open-Source Development

  • 🥕 Review Pull Requests
  • 🥕 Submit A Bug Report
  • 🥕 Bounties For Issues
  • 🥕 Run Tests
  • 🥕 Write Documentation
Editorial & Media

Editorial & Media

  • 🥕 Edit An Article
  • 🥕 Translations
  • 🥕 Article Submissions
  • 🥕 Topic Curation
  • 🥕 Fact Checking
Business Development

Business Development

  • 🥕 Onboard Customers
  • 🥕 Refferal Programs
  • 🥕 Download An App
  • 🥕 Job Posting Referrals
  • 🥕 Generate Reports
Events & Entertainment

Events & Entertainment

  • 🥕 Host Or Attend A Meetup
  • 🥕 Survey The Crowd
  • 🥕 YouTube Referrals
  • 🥕 Show Rewards
  • 🥕 Custom Ticketing
Marketing & Promotion

Marketing & Promotion

  • 🥕 Giveaways
  • 🥕 Puzzles
  • 🥕 Scavanger Hunts
  • 🥕 Contents
  • 🥕 Quizes


  • 🥕 Unlocking Achievements
  • 🥕 Purchasing In-Game Packages
  • 🥕 Winning A Round Of A Match
  • 🥕 Join A Clan
  • 🥕 Voting for Favorite Map


  • 🥕 Decentralized Fundraising
  • 🥕 Donations & Awareness
  • 🥕 Market Research
  • 🥕 User-Submitted Content
  • 🥕 Incetivized Governance
Art & Entertainment

Art & Entertainment

  • 🥕 Meme Contests
  • 🥕 Rate My Portfolio
  • 🥕 Remix Contets
  • 🥕 Project Funding
  • 🥕 Community-Based Art
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Reward your Supporters

Are you a brand or individial looking to pay out your fans to support your mission? We’d love to hear what you have in mind.

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