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First-time Contribution to Bitcoin Core

Reward posted by

Bitcoin Magazine

5,000,000 sats


  • Expires: 3 months ago
  • Difficulty: hard
      First-time Contribution to Bitcoin Core


      Bitcoin Magazine wants to help get new contributors submitting code to Bitcoin Core! We're rewarding people who have never contributed to Bitcoin Core with 5,000,000 sats after they get their first pull request accepted. Any pull request that was submitted after July 1, 2020 is eligible for a reward. Since you're new to working on Bitcoin, check out the explainer on the website about how to best engage with the other developers. For right now, we're wanting to reward commits that focus on changing the code of Bitcoin. We recognize that documentation updates are extremely important to the overall health of Core, but this task is for the coders. Each submission will get manually reviewed. We'll ask you to submit a signed message that can be verified through credentials attached to your Github account in order to receive any rewards.

      Rewards for this listing are granted at the sole discretion of Bitcoin Magazine. Some submissions may not earn any rewards (spam, bots, unhelpful feedback, etc.)

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